Cynthia Frey

Cynthia Frey

Cynthia L. Frey, BA is currently a third year AuD student at Gallaudet University. Cynthia is focusing her coursework on the pediatric emphasis track and has already earned an early intervention certificate specifically for working with families of deaf and hard of hearing infants and toddlers. She greatly enjoys working with people from different cultures and joining with other professionals in a collaborative approach to hearing and balance healthcare.

I read a quote somewhere that says something like, "without traveling you're only ever reading the same chapter." I am fortunate enough to have a vast and varied chapter book & I am beyond excited to live this new one. more 

November 16, 2013
Ben Vindo Manuas!
Our arrival to the city of Manaus, our first stop before heading to Parintins. All the new experiences (and fear faced) that was encompassed in one day. :)

November 17, 2013
See the Amazon River - check that off the bucket list :) more 

November 18, 2013
A 12 hour work day = 2 words: exhausted & rejuvenated  more 

November 19, 2013
Alive & o so very well. more 

November 20, 2013
The solution to your problem is simple: your problem doesn't actually exist, or so the doctor says. more 

November 21, 2013
This experience has taught me a lot but most importantly it has shown me that I love what I do - and I hate that I can't do more. more